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There are a range of courses provided by Lancashire County Council that should be delivered by your child's school. These include the following;

Right Start Pedestrian Training

Right Start is the introductory course into road safety for children aged 5-7. It is a practical course for pedestrian training. It uses both theory and practical sessions to teach children how to be a safer pedestrian. There are also follow up activities to assess the child's learning. Volunteers are trained by Safe and Healthy Travel Officers and given full support throughout the three stage Course.


Bikeability is a cycle training programme, it’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability is delivered in your child's school by fully qualified cycling instructors. The course is underpinned by a theory workbook 'Module 1' and each child receives a Highway Code for Young Road Users. Children are taught the basics of cycling in the school yard and then progress to on road cycling and are taught key skills to keep them safe as cyclists.  


Scooting is very popular among kids, Scootsafe is a scheme designed to teach children how to safely ride their scooters to and from school. Once they have learnt this skill scooting can be a great way for getting to and from school.

Contact your childs school for information if your child has not received any of the above courses. If they haven’t, your school can contact us. They can book a course at http://www.saferschools.lancsngfl.ac.uk

The morning routine can be a hectic time and your child’s safety is always a priority. Whether you live close by or travel from further a field, with enough interest from parents and/or volunteers and guidance from the school, you can set up one or both of the following schemes;

Walking Bus

Walking bus is where a group of children with adult parent volunteers walking to school along a set route.  The children walk in pairs and everyone wears high visibility clothing. With a “driver” at the front and a “conductor” at the back, the children are collected at “bus stops” at agreed times along the route. This contributes to your child’s daily exercise and can free up some time for parents. 

Park & Stride

A Park and Stride scheme aims to encourage children and families to walk at least part of their journey to school. It is where an agreed parking area near the school, whether a park, church or pub car park is used (with the permission of the owners). Children & parents can then walk the remainder of the journey so school. This frees up congestion around the school gates and contributes to a healthier journey to school.